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Cosmetic procedures play an instrumental role in allowing individuals to feel comfortable with themselves. From hair restoration to modifying the shape of the body — modern-day cosmetic services have come an incredibly long way and currently remain more in demand than ever — and for a good reason. Technology is trying to keep up with patient expectations, demands and needs. From improving low self esteem to enhancing areas of concern, multiple techniques and devices are now available to help you – in the right hands. At Kent Cosmetic we look to provide you with the best results possible in all areas.

We perform all forms of cosmetic surgical procedures, liposuction, Botox, fillers, facial enhancement, eye surgery and Cosmetic gynecological services – which enhance the cosmetic appeal of the vaginal area through different modalities.

Current trends lean toward non-invasive or minimally invasive outpatient treatments with little or no downtime. At Kent Cosmetic we perform outpatient procedures under local anesthesia which allows faster recovery and less down time. Please take a few moments to review the treatments we have to offer.


Perhaps you want injectable fillers to dramatically improve the under-eye area for a bright, well-rested look — or maybe you desire facial fillers to smooth and soften or lift folds or depleted areas on your face for a replenished appearance. Or you may simply want a different look. Perhaps you need a chin Botox to prevent dimpling or Botox to soften frown lines for a perpetually youthful, rejuvenated result (and to make you look and feel happier!

Devoted to understanding the specific cosmetic needs you have in mind and presenting practical solutions, we will help you attain desirable aesthetic outcomes.

Our trained staff possess the skills needed to stay true to all of your desires. When you request one of our services, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands. Our team has experience and knowledge and an aesthetic eye which is needed to provide the best results possible. Our team understands every aspect of the art of cosmetic services. Committed, we enhance the appearance of your face or body with precision and dexterity, ensuring that you feel content with your appearance. Visit our office for hip fillers, jaw botox, facial asymmetry procedures, vaginal rejuvenation, and much much more — and let our experts do the rest.


We devote ourselves to our client’s needs and strive to provide solutions to all of your cosmetic concerns. Perhaps you want a non-invasive treatment using laser technology to rejuvenate your skin, or maybe you prefer an abdominal liposuction procedure to revamp your appearance. Regardless of how simple or complex your choice of procedure is, we address it and provide a solution.

We prioritize customer service as much as we prioritize cosmetic surgery. We have a team of highly qualified and trained staff members. We initiate the process in an environment of calmness, asking clients questions regarding their overall goals to provide reassurance that they will get the results they are seeking. Our high-quality procedures are executed by a caring team with refined skills and with access to the latest technological equipment .

Whether you’re seeking cheek fillers or a Botox eyebrow lift, a tummy tuck or a vaginal procedure, visit us to reach your aesthetic objectives.


Dr. Dolores Kent


2023 Webster Society Member

Board-certified and a Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Harvard alumni Dolores Kent has been in practice for over 20 years. After years of caring for women in her specialty Dr. Kent decided to fuse her gynecological and surgical skills with her art background and training. Today, she offers outstanding, avant-garde cosmetic and cosmetic surgery services to Los Angeles, California residents.

Highly qualified and dedicated to her craft, Dr. Kent prioritizes the comfort of her clients, the essence of which can be found in the quality-oriented setting of her clinic. Vowing to present these services in a serene, reliable environment, she is committed to improving the health and well-being of every person who walks through the door.

Renowned globally for her excellent healthcare and cosmetic offerings, Dr. Kent has provided services to men and women in Dubai, Gabon, Haiti, Guatemala, Germany, Australia, and other nations. Additionally, her reach extends to charitable services to women in countries that lack proper healthcare.

Dr. Kent received her Fellowship status after performing a large number of cosmetic procedures including liposuction, facial cosmetic enhancement procedures, vaginal rejuvenation, lipoabdominoplasty procedures and others. She has lectured at cosmetic meetings and authored many articles about cosmetics and cosmetic surgery. She has also appeared on several television and radio shows presenting information about general nutritional health as well as cosmetics. Dr. Kent currently serves as medical director at Asian Beauty MedSpa in San Gabriel, California where she and her team offer the same excellent cosmetic procedures and services as in her own clinic in Los Angeles. Dr. Kent now offers a profusion of cosmetic services in both locations. The specialist ensures only the best for her clients, from non-invasive radiofrequency technology treatments to advanced cosmetic surgery procedures.

Visit Dolores Kent today for body contouring, skin rejuvenation, facial reconstruction surgery, and cosmetic injections — and achieve all of your personal beauty goals!

Body Procedures

Body Procedures

  • Liposuction
  • Blepharoplasty
  • Thread Lifting
  • Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Morpheus 8, Microneedling
  • Lipo-Abdominoplasty
  • Fat Transfer
  • Radiofrequency Treatments (cellulite reduction/skin tightening)


  • BOTOX® Cosmetic
  • Dermal Fillers (volumization)
  • PRP (Facial Enhancement & Hair Restoration)
  • Skin Tightening / Wrinkle Reduction
  • Thread Lifting
  • Morpheus 8, Microneedling
  • Non-surgical Rhinoplasty
  • Pellets (bioidentical hormone)


  • Labiaplasty
  • Clitoral Hood Reduction
  • Vaginal Tightening
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation by Laser
  • Perineoplasty
  • Monsplasty
  • Radiofrequency
  • G-spot Amplification
  • O-shot

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