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Morpheus8 Microneedling

Morpheus8 microneedling is one of the newest kids on the block for facial rejuvenation. This is an incredible outpatient procedure that provides millions of women with improved skin quality, wrinkle reduction, improved skin tone, collagen induction, and even fat reduction. Morpheus8 microneedling can be used on the face, hands, neck, and body.

What is Facial Microneedling?

For facial rejuvenation, this amazing Morpheus 8 microneedling treatment involves puncturing the skin with multiple tiny needles to a specific depth and delivering radio-frequency waves which traumatize the tissue in a way to stimulate collagen and elastin production and accelerates healing, which then allows the skin to tighten as it heals. This results in firmer skin with fewer wrinkles, better tone, and over time, increased collagen and elastin production, a longer lasting healthy, and youthful appearance.

Is There Anything I Need To Do Before Morpheus8 Treatment?

Yes. Patients are asked to avoid prolonged direct sun exposure 5 – 7 days pre-treatment. Also do not use retinol or harsh chemical exfoliants 3 – 5 days ahead of your appointment. You can pre-treat with hydroquinone or another pigment control pre-treatment regimen for 2 weeks if you have a history of PIH, melasma, or fitzpatrick skin type 4 – 6.

How Is This Done?

A topical anesthetic is placed on the areas to be treated when you first arrive in the spa and allowed to numb the area for 45 minutes to 1 hour before treatment begins. Then a handheld instrument with an attachment specifically designed for certain areas of the face is used to deliver the needling in an overlapping pattern across the face. Different energy levels and depths are used depending on the area of the face so the best possible re-patterning of tissue is achieved. This procedure is usually done 2 or 3 times in each area – forehead, peri-ocular, temple, malar/cheek/central face area, jowls, nose, peri-oral-and chin – to maximize the rejuvenation and/or fat ablation. Once completed the face is cooled with a cooling mask and healing creams are applied.

What Happens After The Treatment?

Patients are asked to stay out of the sun for 10-14 days following the treatment in order not to stimulate hyperpigmentation. They are also advised to use a healing treatment or gel on the face to help the skin to heal and reduce irritation – or treatment such as stem cell serum, growth factor serum, peptide/recovery serum, B5 serum, hyaluronic acid serum, or antioxidants. Do not use retinol or exfoliating-based skin care products day 1 – 5 post-treatment. Your face may become slightly red and may be slightly tender for a few days. Use mild cleansing soaps to cleanse the face for the first week or so. Keep hands and washcloth clean, use a clean pillowcase and try to avoid touching your face unless you have washed your hands first. Use a broad-spectrum mineral-based sunscreen 24 hours after treatment. Do not use a hot tub, sauna, or steam room until or 7 days after your microneedling treatment. And do not work out until 6 days after.

I Have Heard The Treatment Is Painful. What Do You Do To Minimize The Pain?

We use a special topical anesthetic before treatment that is applied a special way. We also have oral pain and sublingual pain medications, and breathable pain treatments if necessary. There are also multiple additional treatments available if none of these treatments work well enough that can be applied or added once the treatment begins.

How Many Times Can You Do The Treatment?

We advise three treatments initially or you may not get the results you are expecting or the optimum results. The treatments are spaced one month or more apart a month is needed for the skin to recover from the first treatment and for the collagen to start to form. Treating sooner will not be of any benefit. After the three treatments, I ask that my patients wait at least 6 months before scheduling another round of microneedling – that is unless they also want to do the microneedling on another part of the body.

What About The Body Treatments Of Morpheus8?

Morpheus 8 microneedling can be used on the body for fat ablation! It provides moderate fat resorption in areas such as the flank, abdomen, arm, or thighs for those patients who do not wish to have an invasive procedure.

How Does It Compare To Cool-Sculpting or Other Advanced Non-Invasive Liposculpture Treatments?

I think it is better than other non-invasive liposculpture treatments if performed correctly and in the appropriate number of treatments.

How Much Does The Procedure Cost?

It depends on where you are located and what area you wish to have treated. The cost might be between $2500-$4500 for the three treatment regimens.

Are There Any Complications to Morpheus8 Microneedling?

Microneedling can be used for ablative techniques as well as skin re-modeling. Ablative techniques can only be appropriate for skin types Fitzgerald 1 -3. But in general, it can cause hyperpigmentation, infection, and in rare cases burns. Slight bleeding is common immediately after the procedure from the small needling marks. The most common complications are slight redness and swelling. Sometimes people will get bruising, peeling, or small scabs which will resolve in a few days.

Who Is A Candidate For Microneedling?

Anyone is a candidate. People of color generally need lower settings for treatment but it will still work very well on people of color or darker skin types. We are also careful in patients who previously have had Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or melasma.

Can Other Procedures Be Combined With The Morpheus8 Microneedling Procedure?

Yes, most definitely. Many patients request PRP treatment post-microneedling. This is an excellent way to deliver PRP into the skin for increased anti-aging results. So we do a PRP (plasma-rich platelets), or PRFM (plasma-rich fibrin matrix) treatment immediately after. Sometimes we get improved results if a light chemical peel is performed immediately after as well. You will be counseled on this when you come in for a consultation with Dr. Dolores Kent or one of her staff. Please make an appointment to get the best advice on these therapies.