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Radiofrequency Treatments


Non-invasive in every sense of the word, radio frequency treatments refer to the usage of energy waves for the inherent purpose of skin tightening. Commonly performed on the face, belly, and neck, among other body parts, these non-surgical procedures serve as a highly desirable cosmetic solution. It’s inevitable: humans age over the course of time, the essence of which naturally appears on our skin. To be more precise, aging contributes to less collagen production, contributing to evident aftereffects like sagging and wrinkles on your skin. In order to combat this issue, cosmetic specialists like Dolores Kent use modern, technologically advanced radio frequency treatments to boost collagen production and subsequently tighten your skin to astonishing extents.

Essentially, the process entails using energy waves to give off the sort of heat that tremendously boosts collagen production and leads to all kinds of tremendous benefits. Serving as a form of radiation, these radio waves are applied to your skin to contribute to firmness and thickness over time. Aside from significantly tightening your skin, radiofrequency procedures remove forehead wrinkles and contribute to facial rejuvenation as a whole. Evidently, the importance of these energy waves cannot be stressed enough. Radio frequency treatments are the ideal choice for individuals searching for a quick, painless procedure to serve as both a wrinkle remover and a skin tightener!

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Are the effects of aging catching up to you and manifesting themselves on your skin?

Are these brand new changes affecting your self-image and decreasing your confidence on a daily basis?

If such is the case, it doesn’t have to be this way. At Dolores Kent, we aim to bring a smile to your beautiful face and metamorphose your beauty goals into reality.

Perhaps you’re searching for skin tightening treatments for the stomach — or maybe you’re seeking facial radio frequency procedures instead. Regardless of your end goal, we are here to support you 100%! Dolores Kent specializes in noninvasive radiofrequency treatments and uses TempSure Envi by Cynosure to reduce wrinkles, tighten skin, and contribute to profound collagen development.

Here, we sincerely understand your vehement inclination for breathtaking aesthetics — which is why we provide a quality-oriented setting for our skin tightening treatments! If you find yourself feeling reluctant to go through with the process, one trip to Dolores Kent’s caring, the trustworthy environment will rid you of the hesitance altogether.

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